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The Toast of the Town

'A romantic page-turner from a master story-teller'. - Robert Foster, best-selling author of The Lunar Code.

'Certainly recommended for Regency fans who also love a mystery' - Kirkus Reviews

'...its greatest charm is an airy evocation of Regency aristocracy's speech, dress, and mores.' - Kirkus Reviews 

The second novel in the Eversley Saga.

The novel was first published by Robert Hale in 1968 and was dedicated to ‘our dear Helen Diana’, the first-born of her grandchildren.
It was also published by Corgi as a paperback.

This novel was later published by Ballantine Books, a division of Random House, as a paperback in the US and Canada.

Handsome, wilful Georgiana Eversley is the Toast of the Town. With her tawny hair and dancing green eyes, she takes it for granted that she could captivate any man who catches her fancy, though few men do. The likes of Mr Curshawe tire her, and she tolerates the wealthy Viscount Pamyngton, but no man among her many admirers brings that magic for which Georgy so desperately wishes.

Then, while staying at her brother Beau Eversley’s country house in Buckinghamshire, she meets a dedicated young Scots doctor who, far from succumbing to her charms, appears to despise her. Georgiana’s hurt pride demands revenge.

She accepts a daring wager with her younger brother to prove that she could indeed entice the young doctor before jilting him savagely as well. But Georgiana is unaware of the dangers of playing with the fires of passion and is thus unprepared for the events that ensue.

Could this be what Georgiana truly wants? Or is she destined to be in the comforting arms of the attractive Viscount Pamyngton?


Comments from users on Amazon

“The story follows Miss Georiana (Georgy) Evesley, who is wealthy and happy not to be married (very reminiscence of Austen's Emma) and Dr John Graham. It appears to be hate at first sight when she crashes her carriage into him on there first meeting and there relationship gets worse from there. Incidentally he is also the only man not to fall instantly in love with her, however Georgy puts together a plan to change this.

This is a sweet regency romance that also nicely touches on gender inequality at the time.”

“Susan is expecting her second child & the Eversley family go to Fulmer Towers in Buckinghamshire. Geiry is bored so her & Susan tale Hugh’s curricle out only to collide with a gig driven Dr. John Graham. He is rightly annoyed especially considering Susan’s pregnancy.
Georgy is not used to ignored so makes a bet with her brother Freddy.
Another gentle well-written romance, good to catch up with characters from the first in the series but this book could also have been a stand alone novel. Definitely not a bodice ripper but the story moves along well.”