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The Intrepid Miss Haydon

Lovely Corinna Haydon, suspected of mooning over the notorious Fabian Greenville, is taken by her family to Paris, where it is hoped she will meet an eligible suitor.

The novel was first published in 1983, and is dedicated to her husband Ken and younger son Graham ‘in memory of an excellent bottle of Saumur wine shared at the Relais de Paris'. It was published as a hardback in 1987 by Severn House. 

 Corinna Haydon, suspected of having developed a tender for the notorious Fabian Grenville, is taken by her family to Paris, where it is hoped she will meet an eligible suitor. With them is Sir Richard Beresford, her sister’s brother-in-law, who has known Corinna since she was a child – and loved her in secret for many years.

But 1803 is not a good year to visit France for a group of English people. England and France were at temporary peace when they made their journey but now war has again broken out and Napoleon has declared that all the English in France should be imprisoned. It is only Sir Richard’s skill and daring that enables them to escape.

Suddenly, Corinna starts to look at him with different eyes. Then Grenville makes an unexpected appearance...


Comments from users on Amazon

“A fairly full cast of characters are in Paris when war breaks out again and they must return to England. Their responses and actions change how they view each other and further a few romances

“This was a fun, light read. ... the story is all about the heroine and the soon-to-be hero (after he impresses her with his derring do, after she's taken him for granted most of her life as a friend of the family while going gooey over some fop) escaping Revolutionary France. ... The real adventure takes place after they're in England dealing with smugglers and spies. ... a writer that's easy to read and the characters are agreeable. ”