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The Rutherford Trilogy

In Alice Chetwynd Ley’s last three novels, she turned to suspense and detection rather than romance, although still set in the Georgian period – interestingly, Georgette Heyer, to whose work ACL’s is often compared, also made the same switch. The principal characters of these novels were the Rutherfords: the Honourable Justin, son of Viscount Rutherford, and his attractive niece Anthea. The last of the three books ends with a hint that the two of them would visit Turkey, where Hugh Rutherford, Justin’s brother is in the diplomatic service. But, if a fourth book based in that part of the world was projected, it was not forthcoming.

A Reputation Dies

First published 1984

The first novel in the Anthea and Justin Rutherford Saga.

It was a splendid soiree to start the new social season. But by the end of the ball a guest was found slain in the cloakroom - and all evidence pointed to the newly wed Lord Velmond.

A Fatal Assignation

First published 1987

The second novel in the Anthea and Justin Rutherford Saga.

Masquerade of Vengence

First published 1989

The third novel in the Anthea and Justin Rutherford Saga.

The Honourable Justin Rutherford and his niece, Anthea, investigate the mysterious death of Sir Eustace Knowle.