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Novels 1975-1983

The Beau and the Bluestocking

First published 1975

“An enjoyable light fast read. Anyone who likes Austen and Heyer will enjoy it. It's the first book by this author I've read and I certainly intend to read more.”. - Teresa,

An Advantageous Marriage

First published 1977

Eugenia learns her unknown but aristocratic London cousins think she is a bumpkin because she is connected to trade

At Dark of the Moon

First published 1977

As Napoleon prepared to invade the Dorset coast, Emma took her place among society's elite where she was to match wits with the most dangerous men of her time.

A Regency Scandal

First published in 1979

Turbulent romance, glittering intrigue in fashionable Regency London

A Conformable Wife

First published in 1981

She is a spirited and intelligent heiress, considered at twenty-six to be on the shelf. But still she dreams of love...

The Intrepid Miss Haydon

First published in 1983

Lovely Corinna Haydon, suspected of mooning over the notorious Fabian Greenville, is taken by her family to Paris, where it is hoped she will meet an eligible suitor.