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A Fatal Assignation

The second novel in the Rutherford Trilogy.

The novel was first published by Severn House in 1987. It was dedicated to the author’s father, F G Humphrey OBE, in memory of him and the ‘story sessions we all enjoyed on family holidays long ago’

Curiosity was an integral part of Miss Anthea Rutherford’s character. She could no more resist exploring an intriguing situation than a bee could be restrained from gathering honey. It was because of this regrettable tendency that she first became involved in a mystery concerning a well-known gentleman, who was also an intimate friend of no less a personage than the Prince Regent.

When Sir Aubrey Jermyn disappeared, Lady Amelia Jermyn simply could not go to the authorities – one had to avoid any sort of scandal. The only thing to be done was to call upon the help of the Honourable Justin Rutherford – he had, after all, successfully solved the late Marmaduke Yarnton’s murder.

But it was Justin’s niece, Anthea, who quite unwittingly stumbled upon the first clue in what was to become a most extraordinary and intriguing murder...